11 cars set off from Moira Demesne at 7.15pm in glorious sunshine complete with tulip maps of the route kindly provided by the organisers. The route took us to, and around, picturesque Hillsborough and Dromore. It also stopped off en route at the Harry Ferguson Memorial Garden. Unfortunately our chairman’s (Gerald Thompson) trusty TR4 ground to a halt just 8 miles into our drive. Despite much fiddling with various ignition components the old girl refused to burst into life and so only 10 cars completed the drive. They arrived back at the Tannery at 8.45pm for their fish and chips. We made sure that Gerald and his wife did not miss out on their fish and chips as we delivered theirs to the breakdown site just as the TR4 was being loaded onto a recovery truck.

A big thankyou to Colin McDowell and David Seeds for organising this very successful event. In total 26 people enjoyed their fish and chips.

P.S. – the ignition problem on the TR4 turned out to be a faulty rotor arm!